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Are you looking for Van Servicing for your vehicle?

Vans in the United Kingdom are used for commercial as well as for personal purposes. Most vans fall under the truck and passenger car segment. Although vans belong to the category of multi-purpose vehicles, they are mainly used for commercial purposes.

Therefore, a routine van servicing Cardiff is necessary in order to maintain the consistent performance of these vehicles and not jeopardise the workflow. With Garth Tyre & Auto Services, you get interim, full and major van servicing Cardiff at market-best rates. Furthermore, it reduces operational costs and enhances the vehicle's fuel economy.

Van servicing is very similar to car servicing. We offer three types of services based on the last time you got your van serviced:

Interim Van Servicing

Experts suggest an interim van service once the vehicle has completed 6,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. During this service, we conduct the following checks:

Body inspection: This check will ensure that the van's body is in optimal condition without any serious damage.

Oil change: Vans need several oils and lubricants for its smooth functioning. Engine oil is the most important among these lubricants. During this service, we will flush out the slush and debris from the oil chambers and refill them will OE-grade oil.

Steering: and brake fluid refill: The brake and steering fluid top-up is a crucial part of a van servicing. This ensures that all the braking system and steering column components perform optimally. At our facility, we drain out the old fluid and refill them with new brake and steering fluid, according to the right specification.

Lights and tyres: We inspect and make sure that the tyres, wheels, external and internal lights function optimally without compromising your on-road driving safety.

Apart from the above-mentioned checks, we also provide:

  • Windscreen and wiper checks
  • Coolant top-up
  • Electrical components check
  • And more

Full Van Servicing

Recommended once in every 12 months or 12,000 miles, full van servicing comprises all the interim van servicing checks along with several additional inspections, such as:

  • Suspension checks
  • Exhaust system and emission check
  • Oil filter replacements
  • Air filter change
  • Pollen filter change
  • Oil change
  • Clutch operation checks
  • Load bearing test
  • Gearbox check
  • Plus several additional checks.

Major Van Servicing

Every van owner should opt for a major van service once the vehicle has completed 24,000 miles or once every 24 months. We check all components of your van during this service to ensure its roadworthiness. Avoiding this can lead to hefty repair bills down the line. All the checks of the interim and full van servicing are included in this service, along with several add-on checks, such as:

  • Engine inspection
  • Drive and brake system inspection
  • Complete general body check, etc.

Hence, put an end to your search for “van servicing near me” and bring your vehicle to our facility.

We ensure accurate and prompt results within a minim turn-around time.

Pass your next MOT without any problems – just get in touch with us!

Please call us on 029 2081 0857 if you have any questions.

However, if you still have queries, feel free to write to us at info@garthtyrescardiff.co.uk.