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Are you looking for Clutch Service for your vehicle?

Performance issues in your car's clutch can severely impact the mechanism of the gears and affect the accelerating properties of your car. Hence, car owners must opt for a detailed clutch inspection at periodic intervals.

We, Garth Tyre & Auto Services, can cater to any issues in your vehicles' clutch assembly with utmost precision and care. We have specialised equipment that helps us carry out a detailed inspection of the clutch Cardiff. If we find any damage of the clutch components, we will provide cost-effective replacements using OE-grade spares.

Moreover, our technicians have several years of in-hand experience in clutch repair and replacement services. This enables them to deal with the complex clutch set-up of modern cars without a hassle.

Symptoms Of Malfunctioning Clutch

Clutch Slippage

Clutch slippage primarily occurs due to damaged pressure plates, linkages or a broken motor mount. This is one of the tell-tale signs of clutch failure. Do not ignore this warning sign, as it will lead to a costly repair down the line.

Faulty Or Inefficient Transmission

If you have trouble in transmitting to 3rd or reverse gear, it is due to a faulty or misaligned clutch. Come over to our workshop for a detailed inspection and comprehensive solutions.

Odd Juddering In The Clutch Pedal

Are you experiencing unusual juddering on the clutch pedal?

It is a warning sign of a compromised clutch disc grip on the flywheel. This is a serious issue. If left unchecked, it can jeopardise your on-road safety.

Stuttering Clutch

If your car’s clutch pedal does not return to its original position after disengaging, it can be a warning sign of worn-out bindings and linkage bearing. Avail of our experts helps for detailed inspection.

Why Visit Us?

Thorough Inspection Of Clutch Assembly

We will inspect every component of your vehicles' clutch Cardiff which include:

  • Disk
  • Cables
  • Pressure plate
  • Release mechanism
  • Flywheel
  • Pilot bearing
  • Fork
  • Release bearing

A thorough inspection will help us find the crux of the issue and provide the most accurate solution.

Replacement In No Time

We stock a great variant of OE-grade clutch spares. This helps us provide clutch replacements Cardiff for any car model without much turn-around time. Furthermore, we also offer additional checks of related car components following the replacement procedure for utmost safety.

Furthermore, we maintain complete transparency about our service charges, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Hence, you can put an end to your search for “clutch repair near me” and visit us with peace of mind.

To book an appointment, please call us on 029 2081 0857.