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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

Every winter, the United Kingdom receives several inches of snow. Some areas receive more snowfall than others. Often, the ‘Beast from the East’ - a severe snowstorm caused by anticyclones - hits the UK. During these months, most car owners keep their vehicles indoors.

As spring arrives and the snow melts away, the United Kingdom witnesses more cars on the roads. The number increases in the summer months. It is where the concept of a summer check comes in.

If you live or drive in and around Cardiff, visit Garth Tyre & Auto Services for the most reliable and affordable car summer check Cardiff.

Why is a summer check required?

Simply put, since your car has not driven in warmer temperatures for several months, there are chances that it will malfunction during the summer months. To avoid hassles and troubles when on holidays, for instance, a thorough inspection of your car is necessary.

A summer check is also an economical idea, as it reduces possible repairs and replacements later in the year; you can detect any existing issues early on.

Garth Tyre & Auto Services is the foremost centre for vehicle services Cardiff. Summer checks are one of our specialities.

Common problems & how a summer check can help

Here are some issues that are preventable by an inspection.


Overheating can lead to breakdowns on deserted stretches. Turning on the AC and entertainment systems, the alternator may fail. Many mechanical components may also buckle under pressure, including the engine itself, among others.

A car summer-check Cardiff at our facility will weed out any underlying issues. We will look at coolant levels, and check water channels, the alternator and other parts for leaks and blockages. At the end of a session, the chances of your car overheating will minimise.

A flat battery

Most people do not take care of the battery during winters. Once on a road trip, these 12V cells may give up. The AC, recharging devices and other uses leave behind a flat battery.

Again, a pre-trip inspection will help us determine your car battery’s health. We will also provide expert tips on how to take care of this component in future. Often, a car requires extra attention, and we provide the best car services Cardiff!

Punctures and blow-outs

Remember, your set of summer tyres remain unused for many months. Therefore, it is not surprising that they spring leaks once you start using them in the summer months. Low tyre pressure, overloading of the vehicle and faster acceleration cause a lot of punctures and blow-outs each year, second only to penetration by sharp objects.

Yet again, our technicians will inspect your car tyres thoroughly during a car summer check Cardiff. That way, the tyres will serve you perfectly well.

Other areas covered in a standard summer check include oil checks, lights, washer-fluid levels, etc.

Your search for ‘the best car repairing garage near me’ ends today!

Visit us at Old Drift Garage, Main Rd, Gwaelod-y-Garth, Cardiff CF15 9HJ.

Alternately, dial 02920 810857 to book an appointment.