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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?

The exhaust system in a car performs several crucial functions. For starters, it keeps the passenger cabin from the toxic exhaust gases produced by the internal combustion engine. These gases contain several harmful chemicals, which can cause severe health issues and environmental hazards.

That’s why we at Garth Tyre & Auto Services recommend our customers get their car exhaust system checked even at the slightest hint of any defect.

You may want to turn to a reliable exhaust servicing garage Cardiff also because a faulty system can lead to an MOT fail. Our technicians have experience across a variety of car makes and models. Thus, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands. Moreover, we use only the latest, best-in-grade quality equipment and tools for our services, ensuring minimum turnaround time.

So without further ado, bring us your car for an exhaust system check!

How to know of exhaust system defects?

You must pick on the tell-tale signs pointing towards a failing exhaust system. That way, you can seek exhaust repairing services Cardiff timely and save yourself an expensive repair or replacement later due to negligence.

Some common signs of a defective exhaust system are:

Smell of fuel

Commonly, when an exhaust pipe comes loose, becomes damaged, or leaks, you can smell raw gasoline in the passenger cabin. The exhaust from the internal combustion engine passes through different components and tubes and out the tailpipe. Thus, when one of those pipes is faulty, proper emission is hindered, and the toxic gas can make its way into the passenger cabin.

Unusual Smells

Exhaust leaks can also produce or cause other types of smells. An example would be the smell of burning plastic. It can happen when the exhaust from a leaking pipe burns a plastic object in its path. It is a serious concern, and you should immediately call us for an appointment or drive down to our facility for ad-hoc repair.

Rattling Noise

A misaligned or loose exhaust pipe can cause a rattling noise when driving. It can happen due to impacts from potholes or kerbs. If the rattle sounds like a shaking box of coins, it might be due to a faulty catalytic converter. It is the part that reduces the level of toxicity from the exhaust. A defective converter can cause your vehicle to fail MOT.

Hence, you may want to look for an exhaust servicing garage Cardiff at the earliest when that is the case.

Hissing Sounds

When there’s a leak in the manifold gasket, you can hear a hissing sound when driving. It intensifies during acceleration or when the engine is cold.

Apart from these easily-noticeable symptoms, you may also detect a loss of engine power and acceleration if something is wrong with the exhaust system.

Hence, in any of the above cases, contact Garth Tyre & Auto Services to ensure no further damage ensues. You can put us up in your contacts to save the hassle of searching ‘exhaust servicing near me’.