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Are you looking for Brakes Service for your vehicle?

Brake failure is one of the most prevalent causes of road accidents in the UK. Thus, it is essential to service the brake system from time to time or whenever you notice oddities. Any let-up in this not only leads to safety concerns but can also lead to expensive repairs later. It is also crucial to seek a reliable brake repairing garage Cardiff for help and service.

In that regard, you can turn to the in-house technicians at Garth Tyre & Auto Services. As a leading automotive centre in the Cardiff neighbourhood, we ensure hiring only the best professionals in the field. What’s more, our experts use only the best grade equipment and diagnostic tools for brake repair services at our state-of-the-art facility. This way, we ensure that your car can get back on the road at the earliest once you bring it to us for brake repair Cardiff.

However, while we service all brake system damages and faults virtually, we also encourage our patrons to look out for early-on signs, thus, preventing expensive repairs or replacement.

Common brake problems

Several signs precede a full-blown brake system damage that can cost more than a few pounds you’d like to spare. A few such symptoms are:

Vibration in brake pedal or steering

Pulsation or vibration in the brake pedal or steering is an elementary sign of metal on metal grinding. We recommend you contact us for an appointment immediately if you notice this when driving. Delay or neglect might lead to your car brake rotors getting warped, resulting in a much more expensive repair.

Squeaking sound

Sounds like squeal, screech, grind, or other piercing noises when you press the brake pedals are primary signs of brake pad wear. Worn out brake pads and shoes can cause other rotors to warp and reduce the lifespan of other healthy parts.

Thus, it would help if you turned to our brake repairing garage Cardiff when you hear such sounds.

Odorous tyres

If you notice a pungent smell coming from your tyres, immediately visit our facility for a brake system inspection. These smells are not normal and could lead to graver consequences.

Unusual brake pedal depression

You may find that when you press down the brake pedals, it is depressing more than usual or requires more effort. There can also be the issue of increased braking distance. If any of that is the case, you are in the preliminary stage of brake pad wear. Get it for servicing before any other problem follows, requiring brake replacement services Cardiff.

We recommend you contact Garth Tyre & Auto Services whenever you notice the brake system in your vehicle underperforming or any of the signs mentioned above. We offer out-and-out brake repair and replacement services.

Save 02920 810857 as our contact information to avoid searching for ‘brake repairing service near me’ the next time the need arises.