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Are you looking for Batteries Service for your vehicle?

The battery in your car is an ever-essential component, responsible for starting the engine and for the functioning of various electronic systems, like the air-con. But, like all other parts, batteries don’t last a lifetime. Over time, it suffers wear that impacts its capability to charge and hold power, and discharge it evenly, eventually requiring car battery replacement Cardiff.

At Garth Tyre & Auto Services, we offer car batteries for various vehicle makes and models. Whether you drive an SUV, a sedan, or a high-performance coupe, we have you covered. Moreover, all our products are OE-quality, as we procure them from some of the best manufacturers globally, such as Bosch. So, you can rest assured when you turn to us for car batteries Cardiff.

Battery replacement aside, we encourage our customers in Cardiff and surrounding areas to visit us for routine upkeep of their car batteries. This practice ensures that the battery cells are in good health for long.

How to know if your car battery needs replacement?

Usually, when a battery is nearing the end of its lifespan, it will provide some tell-tale signs. You may want to pay attention to those to avoid any surprises later.

Some of these signs are:

Slow engine crank

When you try to start the engine, it produces a whirring sound. The cranking is sluggish, and the engine requires more time than usual to start. Sometimes, despite a click or crank from under the hood, your car engine may not start. If these scenarios repeat every time you turn the key to start the engine, it will call for professional assistance.

Bloated casing

Your car battery casing may degenerate and bloat due to excessive heat and/or poor maintenance. If you notice a different seeming battery casing, you need a car battery replacement Cardiff at the earliest.


You may notice fluffed-up, blue corrosion on the battery’s positive terminal or a strip of film across the top of its casing. If any of that is the case, the battery leaks acidic fumes or the acid itself. In either case, it creates resistance between the cables and battery, impacting its efficiency. Thus, you may want to ring us up for an appointment as soon as you notice anything of the sort.

Rotten smell

A rotten smell may enter the passenger cabin when the battery cell is about to fizzle out. The hydrochloric acid inside the battery breaks up and releases H2S when that is the case. It is a definite signal you need a new car battery Cardiff.

Also, some car batteries come with a partly transparent casing so you can check the fluid levels. Do this from time to time to ensure that level is above the lead conductor. If not, visit our facility for a refill.

Keep a note of these signs so that you can seek timely repairing or replacement services. You can put Garth Tyre & Auto Services up in your contacts so that you need not search for ‘battery repairing services near me’ every time an issue arises.