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Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear is among the finest brands of tyres that we stock at our workshop. It has a global presence that attests to the superior quality of its products. Garth Tyre & Auto Services is an exclusive retailer of Goodyear tyres Cardiff.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Goodyear tyres at our garage.

Goodyear summer tyres

Summers in Cardiff are warm and warrant using tyres manufactured for these climatic conditions. Goodyear has a substantial catalogue of summer tyres that have time and again proven to be efficient, durable and road safe.

Goodyear summer tyres come constructed using a hard-rubber compound. The tread pattern on these tyres ensures optimal heat and water dispersion. In effect, Goodyear summer tyres have excellent wet and dry braking capabilities. These tyres are also extremely long-lasting, one of the top reasons behind their popularity among car owners.

Our recommendation:

  • Eagle F1 Supercar 3
  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3
  • Eagle F1 GS EMT

Goodyear winter tyres

Winter tyres need to tackle the tricky snowy road conditions that make driving infinitely challenging. Goodyear implements some of its most innovative product designs to counter such conditions successfully.

Winter tyres from Goodyear have deep grooves with sipes spread throughout the body. The soft rubber compound ensures that these Goodyear car tyres do not compromise road grip in Cardiff.

Our recommendation:

  • Ultra Grip Winter
  • Ultra Grip Ice WRT
  • Ultra Grip Performance SUV

Goodyear all-season tyres

For a place like Cardiff, which has moderate variations in temperature year-round, Goodyear all-season tyres are a perfect option. Goodyear tyres Cardiff deliver above-par performance in summers and winters and through everything in between.

All-season tyres are a combination of the properties of summer and winter tyres. They have exceptionally dry and wet handling characteristics. Goodyear all-season tyres are equally adept in even light snowy conditions.

However, in-house experts at Garth Tyre & Auto Services caution against using Goodyear all-season tyres when the climatic conditions get too severe. They are not ideal for heavy snow or scorching heat.

Our recommendation:

  • Eagle Enforcer All weather
  • Eagle GT II
  • Wrangler ST

Trust Goodyear, trust Garth Tyre & Auto Services Cardiff

As the principal car service provider in the Cardiff area, we are confident about recommending Goodyear to every one of our clients. You are welcome to a guided tour through our entire range at our facility. Or, you can buy Goodyear tyres online directly from our web store.

Dial 02920 810857 to know more.

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